Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Step By Step Procedures On How to Install Bushwacker Fender Flares

What are fender flares?

These car add-ons are manufactured to prevent mud from splattering across the side of your vehicle. Moreover, the fender flares designed to keep road debris away and to avoid the risk of damaging your wheel wells.

Dirt and/or mud can be washed off by cleaning them with water and soaps, however, the discoloration of your truck's coat is highly at risk.

One of the best brands of fender flares today is the Bushwacker. These fender flares are made of a durable, flexible plastic material. Moreover, they come in a factory black color that can be matched on the trim of most vehicles, but they can be painted to any color that can be matched to a specific vehicle.

When it comes to installation, this brand of fender flares, it has two methods of installation: the double sided tape and self-tapping screws.

Installing a set of fender flare must be done carefully. Read the instructions from the user’s manual to ensure that you are doing a proper installation method. You should be also aware about the basic steps of installing a set of fender flare. To know more about the basic installation, below are the instructions.


1. Find a clean rag and rubbing alcohol for wiping the area along the fenders where the Bushwacker fender flares will be installed. In cleaning, you must remove all mud, dirt and/or other debris where you will install the fenders. You are required to use alcohol as it can remove the debris and evaporates quickly, leaving a clean, dry surface for the flares.

2. Apply the double sided tape which is included in the set of your fender flares to the inside edges of the flares. The length of the tape should fit exactly with the fender flares. Make sure to smoothen the tape so that it adheres well to the flares with no wrinkles or bumps. Pull the plastic off the exposed side of the tape and place it on the very edge of the fender, just above the wheels. The flares are made to fit and follow a variety of vehicle shapes and body lines. Press the flare against the fender to make sure it is fully attached.

3. You can place the new bolts through the holes where the previous fender flares were on your vehicle. In case you had no existing fender flares, try to use the self-tapping screws that came with the Bushwacker flares. Place the screws in the holes through the flares, and screw them through the metal fender with a drill. There are no nuts are needed on the backside of self-tapping screws.

Tips & Warnings in installing the fender flares

If you want to paint your Bushwacker fender flares to match your vehicle, you better paint them before installing them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Guidelines On Buying IRC Tires Online

IRC is known in making tires for motorcycles and bicycles. If your knowledge about this company is limited, it is better to read about the different tires that IRC offers on its main website, but you cannot make a purchase from the IRC website. If you are truly interested in buying IRC tires online, you can visit a few different websites for retailers that offer the IRC tires for sale.

Instructions on buying/shopping online

IRC Bicycle Tires

1. Open an Internet browser on your computer. To see the references, go to the IRC Tire website.

2. Click on "Tires" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. It will lead you to a page that offers an overview of all of the types of bicycle tires IRC. Read about each type of tire so you can find out what type of tire is good in purchasing, but you cannot purchase the tires from this site.

3. Try to go to ICyclesUSA website or Motorcycle Superstore website to purchase IRC bicycle tires online. Use these sites as your sources. If you choose ICyclesUSA site, click "IRC" in the search box. When it’s done, you can see all of the IRC bicycle tires for sale. At the Motorcycle Superstore site, search by "IRC" to see all of the IRC tires. Motorcycle Superstore carries IRC motorcycle tires, so on the search result page, click on "Dirt Bike Motocross" under the "Category" heading on the left if you want to see only the bicycle tires sold on the site.

4. Add the tires you want to buy to your shopping cart. Adjust the quantity you want to purchase, and proceed to checkout.

How About IRC Motorcycle Tires?

5. To make it easier, open any internet browser, and go to the IRC motorcycle tires website (for sure you can see lots of references on the first page).

6. Don’t relay or focus on one website only. As much as possible, click different websites as your references. Click on the different motorcycle tire models under "Products" and read and understand the features of each type of motorcycle tire IRC that can offer.

7. Here is the other option. Visit 4wheelonline.com. They have different car accessories. Go to page of wheel and tires. Find the IRC Motorcycle Tires’ page.

8. You can add the desired tires to your shopping cart. Remember, always adjust the quantity before you check out if you will be buying more than one IRC motorcycle tire.

Blast From The Past… A Dunlop Motorcycle History and Other Things You Need To Know

In 1888, the Dunlop Motorcycle Tires was founded by John Boyd Dunlop after manufacturing the first practical pneumatic tire ( this info is according to Dunlop Motorcycle). Dunlop was responsible in the making of first for motorcycle tires including the use of Kevlar belts and the 20-inch front tire. This company offers 11 different types of tires that are suitable for any motorcycle performance needs, as well as tires for ATVs, go-karts and passenger vehicles including cars, trucks and SUVs.

Most of the time, all Dunlop tires have an advanced multi-threaded technology which combines superior traction and they have increased mileage. One of the products that Dunlop boast of is the the Touring Radial tires. It features wear-resistant tread that can improve the lifespan of the tire without losing traction. Most Dunlop off-road tires feature more aggressive tread compared to most of Dunlop's other tires. The off-road tires feature "directional front tire pattern, directional and asymmetric rear tire pattern with a double tornado wave rear tire block distribution,". This statement came from Dunlop Motorcycle. Their Double tornado wave is what Dunlop Motorcycle calls the pattern of block distribution, or tread pattern on their off-road tires.

Each Dunlop tire comes in a variety of sizes that is available for both front and rear wheels. The size of the tire can affect the load and speed index of the tire. The Dunlop High-Performance Street Qualifier tire comes in four front tire sizes 130/70ZR16 psi 565 at 42, 110/70ZR17 psi 467 at 42, 120/60ZR17 psi 480 at 42 and 120/70ZR17 psi 520 at 42. Moreover, the Dunlop offers six size options for the rear wheel including 160/60ZR17 psi 716 at 42, 170/60ZR17 psi 785 at 42, 180/55ZR17 psi 805 at 42, 190/50ZR17 psi 805 at 42, 190/55ZR17 psi 853 at 42 and 200/50ZR17 psi 853 at 42. While The Dunlop Radial Touring Elite 3 Radial tire comes in three front wheel sizes 150/80R17 psi 783 at 41, 130/70R18 psi 600 at 41 and 120/70R21 psi 584 at 41. For the rear wheel sizes, Dunlop offers four to choose from including 180/60R16 psi 992 at 41, 180/70R16 psi 910 at 41, 240/40R18 psi 963 at 41 and 250/40R18 psi 1019 at 42.

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires have four sidewall types. These are: belted construction, black sidewall, wide whitewall and narrow white bar. The type of sidewall can be determined by the type of tire you are purchasing as well as the size of tire. Most of the high-performance tires come with the black sidewall as well as the radial touring.