Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Install a Bestop

Bestops makes a type of vehicle roof for Jeeps. This hard roof protects you from rain and snow. Since a Bestop uses the mounts that come from the factory, you don't need any special tools to install the Bestop on your Jeep. However, because Bestops are rather large and heavy, you'll probably need someone to help you mount yours.


1. Open your vehicle's front door, and flip down the sun visors.

2. Ask your assistant to help you raise the Bestop onto your vehicle. Then slide it into place together.

3. Push the Bestop's clamp brackets into the openings on your windshield, and tighten the clamps.

4. Put the mounting bolts of your Bestop through the top of your vehicle's body. Put the nuts on the bolts, and secure them with a screwdriver. You should have three bolts on each side of your vehicle.

5. Push your vehicle's connector that sits on the rear portion of your Jeep into the connection that sits on the top. This enables you to use the wiper on the rear window of your top.

Note: You can also install a Bestop on your vehicle with a simple screwdriver.

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