Sunday, July 31, 2011

-- Car Trivia --

1. In year 1934 Studebaker introduce snap-on fender skirts.

2. Chrysler was the auto company became the third place automaker in 1928.

3. Ford automobile was the infamous John Dillinger's favourite car to steal.

4. Did you know that Model-T Ford automobile offered the largest engine in 1908?

5. In year 1900 gasoline engines was first located under the hood in the U.S.

6. Two-piece windshield was introduced in 1937 that would remain until 1952 on Ford automobiles.

7. In year 1915 the demountable tires was first introduced.

8. Buick automobile was choose by Red Cross for its ambulances in 1915.

9. Did you know that Nickel-plating was used on radiators and lamps in 1921?

10. In 1904 Model-B was Buick's first car.


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