Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking Care of Your Jeep Tops

Having a Jeep means that you have the appreciation for one of the oldest brands of off-road vehicles in the world. Driving a Jeep also means that you have a choice whether you drive it without a Jeep top on, whether soft top or hard top.

If your constant road companion is your Jeep, then you already know by now that there is a need to constantly change its top according to the different weather conditions that you would encounter on the road. As every season change, along with it the changes of temperature, so is the need to change the Jeep top of your vehicle.

During warm months, most Jeep owners prefer the use of Jeep soft tops. This is one of the types of Jeep tops that usually need maintenance and care to make sure that it keeps on being functional even after years of use. However, it is still necessary to replace it after several years of use. Still, you can do something to make sure that the life span of your Jeep soft top would be prolonged. What you need is the knowledge of the proper way to protect and clean it.

You need to clean your Jeep's soft top whenever you already notice an accumulation of dirt in its top surface or either of its vinyl windows. Make sure that you clear away by hand all pebbles or small stones and other sharp objects that were attached on your Jeep top to prevent it from tearing through the material. In washing dirty Jeep soft tops, using warm water is highly recommended. Dab just the right amount of mild liquid detergent or dishwasher on a soft terry cloth in washing off the dirt from its canvas top and vinyl windows. Then, before using it on another drive, make sure that you allow it first to dry off quickly.

Furthermore, make sure that you apply a cleaner or protector for Jeep soft top. One of the best protectors is Raggtopp Protectant. You can apply it on your top's cover and windows every month. This kind of protector will shield your vinyl windows from UV rays that may cause disintegration and yellowing and protect your soft top from strain. Any dealer of Jeep vehicles has these Jeep soft top protectant and they can be purchased online.

When it is time to remove your Jeep soft tops in order to replace it with another much more appropriate for bitter weather conditions, make sure to store it on a dry area. Cover its vinyl windows with a terry towel and roll it up so that the vinyl would not touch itself and prevent it from stretching. ### (Written by Kay Zetkin)

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